“In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; Some are  for special purposes and some for common use.”

—2 Timothy 2:20

Born Lakeisha McQuinn and entering into the street life at a young age, she unleashes her truth and shares this inspirational story of misdeeds, cross-addiction and homelessness. Blessed with the resilience to pull forward, she shares her testimony to inspire others.

A story full of abuse, drug dealing, addiction and struggles, Amina Israel unleashes this faith based testimony as an effort to reach those who have suffered at the hands of the inevitable. Having been exposed to a life of The Most High God at a young age, her fate had been sealed which ultimately led her back to a place of believing. Now standing firm in her Faith and successful in all her endeavors, she looks back only to give an account of the happenings that stemmed throughout her entire life span. Once cross addicted and badly hooked on drugs, she shares her darkest moments of substance abuse, prostitution and homelessness. With what had become her favorite slogan in the midst of her chemical dependency, she’d often quote ‘you better catch me while you can like the ginger bread man’. That iterate was simply her reminder that her current state was not her final, and that she hadn’t given up on life. Now, a public speaker as well as a faith based inspiration, Amina is the owner of several successful businesses that serves only in the purposes of guidance, counsel and assistance. Choosing not to adhere to the popular persuasions of man, her trust in God attest to her confidence in her destination.